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Just knowing which are the best online sportsbooks by itself won't help you win more money, it would simply ensure that you are treated fairly by the odds makers and the sportsbook alike. In order to improve your betting strategies, we have compiled this betting guide. Here you will find useful information, some tips, tricks and strategies to increase your return on your wagers. We update this quite often, so it's a good idea to check back regularly, especially if you are relatively new to sports betting overall, since we'll be adding some 101 betting guides, as well. Here are the latest betting tips and guides.


General Sportsbook Guides and Tips

High Roller Sportsbook: High Limit Offshore Sportsbooks - Safe and reputable online sportsbooks catering to the high rollers. See the list of the best high roller sportsbooks. Latest sportsbook bonuses for new and existing bettors - See the most recent welcome bonuses for new customers, as well as the latest bonuses for existing bettors offered at the best sportsbooks.
Fast Payout Sportsbooks: The betting sites with the fastest payout processing - List of the fast payout sportsbook online, guide to finding betting sites with fast cashout times and speedy processing of the payment requests. Where can you bet online on football? - Discussion of the various options to betting online on football. Guide to knowing where can one bet on the NFL games.
Best USA online sportsbooks: List of U.S. sportsbooks - Find a list of the best USA sportsbooks. Las Vegas Sportsbooks: Most popular Vegas sportsbooks - Find out which are the most popular Las Vegas sportsbooks. Our guide to the Vegas sportsbooks.
Best Offshore Sportsbooks: Find an offshore sportsbook - The offshore sportsbooks gained popularity in the late 90's and early into the new century, and this popularity continues as more and more people are searching for a good offshore sportsbook. Differences between odds and money line in sports betting - Quickly learn the differences between the betting odds and the money line in sports betting.
MLB Sportsbooks � Best online sportsbooks for baseball betting - A comprehensive guide to the top sportsbooks for MLB wagering, find out where to be on baseball online. NBA Sportsbooks � best sportsbooks for basketball betting - List of the best online sportsbooks for NBA betting, find top betting sites for college hoops and international basketball leagues.
Legit online sportsbook � which sportsbooks are legit? - A question often asked by the US bettor is which sportsbooks are legit and how to find a legit online sportsbook. Common types of sportsbook bets and wagers - The three most common sports bets you will find at the online sportsbooks and explanation of how they work.
Super Bowl 2020 Point Spread, Odds, Line, and Total -  Review of the latest odds and point spread on the Super Bowl 2020 between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Casual sportsbooks: Good sportsbook for casual bettors - What makes a sportsbook a casual one? Which is the best sportsbook for amateur sports bettors? These questions and much more will be answered here.
States with sportsbooks, list of U.S. states with legal offline sportsbook - Find out in which U.S. states it is legal to bet at a sportsbook, list of states with sportsbooks and bookmakers. Professional Sportsbooks: Best sportsbooks for pro bettors - Here we will focus solely on the professional sportsbooks � the offshore sportsbooks which cater to the professional bettor.
Sportsbook bonus rollover explained, how it works - Learn how the rollover of the sportsbook bonuses work, things to consider when taking advantage of the bonus rollover. Sportsbooks with free payouts, free withdrawals from online sportsbooks - Learn how you can get free payouts at the online sportsbooks and withdraw your money without any fees.
Easy deposit sportsbook: Which sportsbooks have fast and easy deposits? - Find out which online sportsbooks offer easy deposits and information on how to deposit fast and easy at the sportsbook. How long to get paid by the online sportsbook after withdrawal (cashout) request? - Learn about the sportsbooks withdrawal process and how long it will take to get paid by the online sportsbook.
Live Sports Betting - What is it, how to do it and more - Learn how to bet live on sports, what to look for, what to avoid, all at our live sports betting guide. Can you bet online at the Las Vegas sportsbooks? - Explanation to the legal situation of the Las Vegas online sportsbook and placing bets online at the Vegas sportsbooks.
Payout fees at the online sportsbooks and betting sites - Information on the payout fees the sportsbooks charge when it's time to withdraw your winnings. Comparison and guide on how to avoid payout fees at the sports betting websites. How to open an account with online sportsbook - Learn how to open an account with the online sportsbooks, guide to opening account for the first time with offshore betting sites.
Best Payout Sportsbook Online - Find out which online sportsbook offers the best payout for your winnings, when you request a withdrawal. Reduced juice sportsbooks: Betting sites with low vig - Guide to sports betting sites offering reduced juice, legit sportsbooks with low vig odds.
Is it safe to use Bitcoin at the offshore sportsbooks? - In this article we look at whether it is safe to use Bitcoin at the online sportsbooks and offer some advice on which are the top Bitcoin sportsbooks. Compare Sportsbooks: Comparison of the best online sportsbooks - An easy way to compare the sportsbooks at a glance. Compare depositing options, odds, fees, withdrawal times and more, among the best sportsbooks online.
Is online sports betting legal? Can you legally bet online? - When it comes to sports betting, the question of legality as it pertains to online betting is perhaps most often raised. Safest online sportsbook: Safe betting sites and sportsbooks - Information on the safest sportsbooks online, guide to helping you find safe betting website and sportsbook.
Sportsbook Apps: Best mobile sportsbook sites and apps - We rank the best sportsbook apps and the top mobile websites for placing bets on your phone (Android or iOS) and your tablet. Bitcoin Sportsbooks: US Sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin payments - List of online sportsbooks taking Bitcoins for deposits and withdrawals.
March Madness Sportsbooks: Best sportsbook for March Madness - Guide to the best online sportsbooks for the March Madness tournament. Betting rules at the online sportsbooks - The online sportsbooks, just like any other business in the service sector, will have plenty of house rules to which their customers must abide.
Best sportsbooks for football: Top sportsbook for NFL - Every year with the arrival of the football season, people are searching for the best sportsbooks for football betting. Is it safe to bet online at the sportsbooks? - One of the first questions people transitioning to online sports betting ask themselves (or should, if they haven�t) is whether it is safe to bet online in the first place.
Best sportsbooks for football: Top sportsbook for NFL - Every year with the arrival of the football season, people are searching for the best sportsbooks for football betting. Sportsbooks taking credit cards, which online sportsbooks accept credit cards - Compilation of offshore sportsbooks claiming to still process credit cards, along with the sportsbook success rate.

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