Casual sportsbooks: Good sportsbook for casual bettors

We have talked a lot about the sportsbooks, but in order to provide information about the online sportsbooks to wide range of audiences, we must note the casual sportsbooks. What makes a sportsbook a casual one? Which is the best sportsbook for amateur sports bettors? These questions and much more will be answered below.

 First, we will start with the difference between the professional and casual (or amateur) betting site. As you can decipher from the names alone, the professional sportsbooks will cater to gamblers who are aiming to make a living from betting on sports. On the other side, the casual bettor is simply looking for a sportsbook to place a few bets every now and then pr to bet on major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl or the World Cup. There much more requirements for an online sportsbook before it could be called "professional" and before pros use it for their sports betting needs.

 The casual sportsbook, on the other side, aims to achieve goals which are much different that those of the professional sportsbooks. A good casual sportsbook will have met all needs of the amateur bettor, i.e. people who are betting just for the pure fun of it. That said, keep in mind that a sportsbook could be both casual and professional at the same time, although this most often is not the case. Rarely one can find a sportsbook which is both pro and amateur friendly.

 In our quest for the best sportsbooks we have found that among those which made the list only one sportsbook could be classified as casual - Bovada Sports (opens new window). It matches all the basic need of the casual bettor, for example: the depositing and withdrawal options are plentiful and the limits are low. Many professional sportsbooks have high deposit limits, encouraging effectively only bettors who are making large bets. This is not the case with Bovada, where the minimum deposit is as low as $20. In addition, credit cards, ewallets and other options are available to choose from, all payment methods preferred by the amateur bettor. But not only the depositing limits are low, the betting limits are also quite low. Most pro-oriented sportsbooks will set the minimum the customer can wager on a single bet quite high, again, to attract bettors who bet on sports professionally. At Bovada one can place small bets in the order of just $1, making it great for people who are not really looking to make big money, but just add some fun to their sports or have a good time trying to guess the outcome of a game. The odds offered are not among the best (although not the worst, either), but where a pro bettor would look for the very best betting line, most casual bettors see no difference between a -110 and -107 line, and they are not supposed to. To a casual bettor a payout less than $0.30 at the amateur sportsbook compared to a professional one is not a big deal, but to the pro, who wagers on sports daily over entire seasons, those small differences add overtime to a quite sizable amount.

 Therefore if you are one of the millions of casual bettors world-wide looking for a good sportsbook, heed our advice and check out the online sportsbook we recommended. There are many more benefits to the casual bettors, such as bonuses and free bets, competitions among the customers and free brackets, to name a few. If, however, you consider yourself a professional bettor, we highly advise you to check out the professional sportsbooks, instead.