Legit online sportsbook - which sportsbooks are legit?

A question often asked by the US bettor is which sportsbooks are legit and how to find a legit online sportsbook. And it may seem as a silly question to anyone not experienced in online sports betting. People who have been wagering online know first-hand the trials and tribulations many online sportsbooks have experienced in the past, not to mention the disgustingly high number of rogue internet sportsbooks these days. So if you are looking for a truly legit online sportsbook, you have come to the right place, we will tell you without any sugar coating.

 At this point in time there are only a handful of online sportsbooks we could call legit. These are betting websites that have stood the test of time over and over again, have survived the legal minefield and continue to pay their customers on time and without any issues. Make no mistake - these are legit sportsbooks with at least a decade of serving sports betting customers, bookies that take care of business every time, all the time.

 So which are the legit sportsbooks? Right now we can only recommend three online sportsbooks: Bookmaker, 5Dimes and Bovada. In our opinion, these are the only legit sportsbooks you should ever consider. All three have their pros and cons, we won't talk about this here, since you can visit our home page and read more about each one of them. In a nutshell, Bookmaker takes large bets and can pay five-digit wins without as much as blinking an eye, so if you consider yourself a highroller, this is the best sportsbook. Bovada takes Visa credit card with very high success rate, offers more free bets and bonuses and has an amazing casino, while 5Dimes is the everyday man's sportsbook - low juice lines, easy deposits and fast withdrawals. Which one you would chose is up to you, but all three of them are what we consider legit online sportsbooks. We understand that it may not be much of a choice, but if you want to place bets online, these are your best options - do yourself and your wallet a favor and don't be fooled by any other sportsbook out there.

 Of course, when we talk about legit online sportsbooks - we mean sports betting sites serving USA customers, most of the world knows well their good sportsbooks - they are regulated and advertise all over the place. It's not so the case with the US player sportsbooks, where only reputation is the mark to achieve, no other substitute will do. Not high bonuses, no reduced juice, if you lack the reputation - you are not legit. We keep an eye on many sports betting forums, noticing the complaints other sportsbooks receive from players in the USA and we can tell you that there are just the three legit sportsbooks we mentioned above. Choosing any other sportsbook right now is very risky.