MLB Sportsbooks - Best online sportsbooks for baseball betting

When spring is in the air for millions of people it means one thing - it's baseball season, baby! And for the avid bettor, it's also the savior of summer-time action boredom. While football tends to take the lion share at the sportsbooks, when it comes to wagering amounts, nothing beats baseball, MLB in particular, when we talk about sheer volume. And there is no surprise, really, with well over 2000 games during the MLB season alone, there is plenty of action every day to keep folks at the sportsbooks entertained. MLB betting is also an easy way for the novices to get their beak wet at the online sportsbook, learning the various types of bets, having the option to wager many different ways and nickel and dime the bookmakers just for fun.

 As we always say, however, not all online sportsbooks are created equal and some are the better choice, if MLB betting is your forte. Some sportsbooks tend to focus more intently on certain sports, carving their niche in the community of internet bettors, but rest assured - all of them are dedicated to offering good odds and options on the MLB games - after all, it's the most action they see during summertime. If you are wondering where to bet on baseball online, look no further than this page. Here we will take a look at a few of the top sportsbooks and see which are best to bet on the baseball games.

 5Dimes (official website) - when it comes to baseball, we have to give 5Dimes the best overall sportsbook vote. Just like any other sportsbook, here you will find the usual money line, spread (runline) and totals, but where this betting site excels is in what's not available at the rest. For starter, the sportsbook has two option if you choose to bet on the MLB games - you can use the "regular odds", which are usually in-line with most oddsmakers, even those in Vegas, or you can choose to go for the reduced juice (sometimes referred to as dime-line, although not always technically correct). The reduced juice odds would potentially give you a slightly better return on your MLB bets, depending on which side you back. And while this may not be a big deal for the casual player, the dedicated bettor would certainly appreciate this option at 5Dimes. 

 This sportsbook also offers plenty of MLB prop bets, including on individual games and match-ups, as well as a very nice list of MLB future bets - who would win World Series, National League Pennant, Home Run Derby, to name just a few. If that's not enough to keep one busy for a while, oftentimes this sportsbook will offer alternative lines on the baseball games, for example, allowing you to choose a higher run line in order to increase the payout odds on the wager. On the general side of things, 5Dimes is a well-known and respected online sportsbooks with over 20 years of history. Depositing an payout options are plentiful - credit cards, Bitcoin, P2P, checks, etc. If we had to pick just one online sportsbook for the MLB season, 5Dimes is definitely the king of baseball.

 Bookmaker (official website) - while the MLB betting coverage here is not as extensive (you won't find reduced juice lines), Bookmaker is our choice for the best overall online sportsbook and they do cover the MLB season with a passion. All the baseball games are posted well in advance to give the customer a chance to build their betting slips without rush, live betting on the MLB games is available daily and the odds are very competitive. This betting website even offers odds on the Taiwanese baseball league, if that's your thing. The true power of this company comes from the fact that it's the most respected online sportsbook in the industry, building its image over, literally, decades, offering not simply baseball odds, but a piece of mind, as well. The lack of reduced juice is made up by their bonuses and promotions - new customers get a 15% bonus on their first deposit and existing customers can choose their own promo offer among the many posted weekly, for example, 25% free when depositing via Bitcoin. And when betting online on baseball, you can take advantage of your action (winning or losing) by accumulating "BetPoints" which can be used to place free bets and win actual money. Both MLB fanatics and casual bettors would enjoy this sportsbook.

 Bovada Sports (official website) - we'd like to close our top MLB sportsbooks ranking with another solid sports betting website with plenty of baseball action - Bovada. Probably the best overall gambling site (their casino and racebook options are insanely elaborate), Bovada has impressed lately with their push to compete in the MLB betting scene by improving their odds significantly. If you like shopping around for the best odds among multiple sportsbooks, Bovada's website should be bookmarked right away. You will find those impressive odds on all MLB league games and some future bets, as well. Their promotion offerings are also very appealing - 50% match for new customers, Bitcoin reload bonuses (of up to 50%) and their new reward program is considered to be one of the best in the industry today. We have been really fascinated with the changes at Bovada over the past few years, pushing the sportsbook from a solid, but vanilla, betting site to an impressive sportsbook. Definitely a good choice for baseball betting online.

 And there you have the best online sportsbooks for betting on baseball, especially on the MLB games. Regardless if you are drawn by the convenience of the betting sites over the Vegas sportsbooks, the better odds or the fast payouts, all of them are the leaders when it comes to baseball. Whether you like to bet the run line, pick your winners among the daily baseball games or know who the next World Series winner will be - the options above should check all boxes. You can visit our home page for more options, reviews and recommendations.