How long to get paid by the online sportsbook after withdrawal (cashout) request?

For the first time online sportsbook customers the question of how long does it take for the sportsbook to send you your money, after you request the withdrawal, is guaranteed to arise sooner rather than later. It's only natural to get overly excited once you win for the first time at the sportsbook and no one can blame you if you want to get your winnings cashout as fast as possible.

 So how long does it take to get paid by the online sportsbook after you request the withdrawal of your wins? The answer will depend on the sportsbook you have chosen to patronize, but some general guidelines and time-tables also apply. Read on to learn more.

 First, the main question would be if this is your first time requesting a withdrawal from the sportsbook. If you came here searching for answer about how long it takes to get paid by the sportsbooks when you withdraw money, chances are that you are indeed requesting the cash out of the first time. If this is your first withdrawal with this sportsbook - prepare yourself for some wait time.

 All online sportsbooks today require some documents when the player asks for withdrawal for the first time - copies of your ID, a bill or two with your address and a copy of the credit card used to deposit, if any. This is a standard procedure with the offshore sportsbooks, implemented for over a decade already. The process of you gathering, copying and sending the documents alone will increase the time on how long it will take to receive the money from the sportsbook. Luckily for you, this process is usually done only once, the first time you request a cashout. Once the online sportsbook verifies your identity - future withdrawals will not require this procedure.

 The next factor in determining how long it takes to get paid by the sportsbooks is the sportsbook itself. Some sportsbooks simply are much faster in sending the payout than others. For example, we have seen Bookmaker, a very respectable sportsbook, processing and sending a withdrawal as fast as 24 hours. But this sportsbook is more of an exception than the rule. Most internet sportsbooks will use a check to send you the money, which could take 3-5 days to arrive. In general, if this is not your first withdraw request, one should prepare for an average wait of 5 days until they get paid by the sportsbook. See  list of sportsbooks with fast payout process at this guide of ours.