Fast Payout Sportsbooks: The betting sites with the fastest payout processing

If you have any experience with sports betting websites you already know the importance of fast payouts. Depositing and winning at the sportsbook is just one side of the coin - in the past many betting sites have been brought down by slow payouts or the inability to process the customers payments in a timely fashion. As a matter of fact, the biggest and most frequent complaint by bettors at the online sportsbooks has been the speed of payments when withdrawal time comes. And that is perfectly understandable: the betting site wasted no time taking your money and action, and now they are dragging their feet when it comes to paying you? We agree that this type of behavior is inacceptable. So today we will take a look at which are currently the fastest payout sportsbooks on the Internet.

#1 Bookmaker - by far the fastest payout sportsbook, with one caveat - it only applies to Bitcoin and any other of the 35+ cryptocurrencies the betting website accepts. For certain long-time customers, other payments may be available upon request, but for now, only cryptos are available here as a payout method. This shouldn't be an issue for most players, considering Bitcoin has become the defacto currency at all sportsbooks. Keep in mind that you must verify your ID before you can make a withdrawal, so when you do it for the first time - that process will slow down the actual payment timeframe. But once this is complete - you should expect your payment to be completed the same day, making this the fastest paying sportsbook. Some players have reported Bitcoin payout as fast as 1 hour, although we believe that payouts would not be as fast during the busy sports times of the year, when a lot of customers request withdrawals. Add to this the fact that the max payout at Bookmaker goes as high as $500,000, and we have a no-brainer winner.

#2 5Dimes - we like 5Dimes when it comes to payouts, since not only is Bitcoin available, by payments by check are also an option. Technically, 5Dimes lists their payout processing times as "within 48 hours", but in our experience, this is just so they have some wiggle room when a lot of people request cash-out at once, for example, after the Super Bowl. Generally, Bitcoin payments will be made within 24 hours, i.e. the coins will hit your wallet no later than the next day, not just processing the payout. The good thing about their check withdrawal is that it take very short time for that type of cashout to be processed and mailed. Usually it's out the next business day. From our experience, your best bet for fast payout here is to request the withdrawal towards the middle of the week. At the very least, don't do it on Monday, as it's the busiest day for the cashier department, which may slow down the processing itself.

#3 Bovada Sports - this sportsbook has both fast payout and a slow one. The fat payout is, naturally, when using Bitcoin, about 15 minutes from the time the request has been approved, then however many confirmations your wallet requires. The issue here is that it could take over 24 hours for the withdrawal request to be reviewed, due to the fact that Bovada also runs one of the most popular online casinos, which increases the number of customers requesting payments exponentially. Nevertheless, using crypto makes this a fast payout sportsbook. Bovada also offers check by mail as a withdrawal method, but this one is the slow option we mentioned earlier. While processing is listed with the same timeframe on their website, it is not uncommon to wait over a week to get it, with some customers reporting 2 weeks before their payout hits the mailbox. As such, we do not recommend using this cashout method, unless not in a hurry to get your winnings.

 In closing, we would also like to bring attention to something that can turn a fast payout sportsbook experience sour for the bettors requesting cash-out for the first time. All betting sites require some form of identity verification before they even begin to process payments. This process obviously happens only once and for people making their first withdrawal at the sportsbook, but it may take a couple of days for the ID to be verified and your payout request completed. And for the sportsbooks taking credit cards, an additional credit card verification form may have to be submitted, if you ever made a deposit using that funding method. Therefore, one shouldn't expect a fast payout at any sportsbook if this is the first withdrawal made. Once this process is completed, however, the speedy times noted earlier will take effect.