Best Offshore Sportsbooks: Find an offshore sportsbook

The offshore sportsbooks gained popularity in the late 90's and early into the new century, and this popularity continues as more and more people are searching for a good offshore sportsbook. And what makes a sportsbook "offshore"? Simply, as you could've guessed it from the name alone, those sportsbooks are located off shore, with the most popular destination being Costa Rica, where over 90% of the online sportsbooks have established themselves. Here are the best offshore sportsbooks at this time:

Without a doubt, this is the most popular offshore sportsbook in the world right now. Building the foundation of the bookie is a first-class customer support, plenty of deposit and withdrawal options, high limit bets and some of the best odds on all sporting events, this sportsbook has been a breath of fresh air in an industry battered by shady operators and gambling laws. The most recommended offshore sportsbook!
A strong competitor to Bookmaker is the 5Dimes sports betting website. Another offshore sportsbook, which realized early on that keeping a clean reputation is the most important business decision to be made in this industry. Player support is great, there are no shoddy dealings here and bettors always get their money, unlike other sportsbooks which shall remain nameless to avoid sending someone there accidentally. If you are searching for another good offshore sportsbook, you must check out 5Dimes.

 Why are the offshore sportsbook so sought after these days? Simply they are the best value for the dollar, bar none. Unlike the Las Vegas sportsbooks, the offshore sportsbook gives you the option to bet online and place all your wagers on the internet, rather than having to travel to Vegas to bet on your favorite sport. The offshore sportsbooks also give you plenty of bonuses and free bets, something all bettors world-wide appreciate. And finally - with the offshore sportsbooks you can not only shop the betting odds between the betting websites, but also get the best betting odds available.

 With all this in mind, not all offshore bookmakers are created equal. There are some that are bad and then there is the list of best offshore sportsbooks here. Among the best offshore sportsbooks are Bookmaker, Bovada, 5Dimes and Intertops, you can learn more about them on our website. All of those sportsbooks are currently located offshore, hence the name. They are the best among their peers and are highly recommended by many other reviewers of sports betting websites. Simply follow the links to any of the four offshore sportsbooks above and you will wager only with the very best.