Where can you bet online on football?

For millions of people, the end of summer indicates one thing � the start of football season (the real one). Naturally, the question most often asked becomes where can you bet online on football? How can you place bets on the NFL games online? We will quickly answer these and similar questions in this brief overview of the available spots to place some football bets on the Internet.

 The most obvious place, right away, is at the Vegas sportsbooks. Those guys wasted no time jumping on the internet bandwagon and all of the popular Vegas books now offer online wagering. There is one caveat, however, and that is: not everyone can do it; as a matter of fact, most people can. Basically, at his point you have to be a Nevada resident to be able to bet online on football at Vegas, you can learn more about who can bet online at the Vegas sportsbooks here. So, for most folks, the Vegas sportsbooks are out of the question, so what other options are there?

 For the majority of bettors looking to move on the Internet for ease of wagering on the NFL games, the best option remains the offshore sportsbooks which more than welcome customers from all over the world. Be careful when going down this road, as there are only few legit sportsbooks online, the rest should be avoided at all cost. Don�t be swayed by bonus offers, promotions, or, as many people tend to do, just click on the first sportsbook Google shows them when they search where can you bet online on football. You can trust our selection, which could be found on our home page, or you can do your own research, and possibly suffer the consequences of slow pay, no pay at all, or downright get scammed. The ones we recommend are the very best and can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

 Of course, one can completely forgo the Internet betting sites and stick with the offline options. You don�t have to bet online on football, even if you can. In this case, you can either go with a local (very illegal) or you can fly to Vegas and do it at one of their sportsbooks. The latter option being highly expensive but super fun.