States with sportsbooks, list of U.S. states with legal offline sportsbook

Unlike folks in Europe, where one can walk down the street to the local book and place a wager on virtually any sporting event, bettors in the USA are pretty much stuck with either choosing from the small number of honest online sportsbooks or taking a trip to one of the states which allows sportsbooks to operate legally. And if you think that the number of offshore sportsbooks worth patronizing was small, wait till you find out how many US states allow legal sportsbooks - exactly 2!

 Yes, there are only two states with sportsbooks in the USA and judging by how the legal landscape has remained unchallenged in the past decade - it would be a long time until that number is increased even by one. Which states have sportsbooks? Well, most of you have heard of the Las Vegas sportsbooks, the most famous bookies in the world are situated there and many high rollers often travel to Sin City to place their sports bets. But for the casual bettor living anywhere in the USA - it just doesn't make any sense to travel every week to Las Vegas to place a few hundred dollars worth of wagers.

 Delaware is the only other state where the sportsbooks are legal and allowed offline, all of the state's sportsbooks are located and are part of the race tracks in Delaware. But still, one can easily call those betting places "sportsbook". Unlike the other two US states where sports betting is legal - Oregon and Montana. Sure, on paper sports betting is legal in those two states, but the actual offerings are such a joke - they may as well not have anything than the pathetic "fantasy betting" currently offered. An example of this joke of a sportsbook could be seen by visiting the Montana Sports Action.

 Thus as one can see, there isn't much choice for the US bettor in selecting states with sportsbooks - you either have to travel to Las Vegas, where the books are not only top-notch, but the whole experience is worth it, although ends up to be very expensive, especially if you are in a losing streak. Or you can travel to Delaware and visit their decent sportsbooks, which are naturally no match for their Vegas counterparts. Or you could do what most people opt to do - visit some of the best online sportsbooks and save a whole bunch of money by betting from home.