Reduced juice sportsbooks: Betting sites with low vig

If you are an experienced bettor, or if you can afford to place large sports bets, getting the best odds should be at the top of your list of sportsbook features. The easiest way to do this is simply by betting at a sportsbook that would offer you the best odds, but with the current state of competition among the online sportsbooks, the odds they post are pretty much uniform across the board. One way you can ensure that you would squeeze the most out of your wagers is by going with a betting site that offers reduced juice on their odds. Having to pay a smaller vig to get your bets booked is very profitable, especially when you are placing big bets or large overall amount. If you are new to sports betting and are wondering what is juice or vig, you can read more about it here, as today we will focus more on finding a sportsbook that offers this type of odds.

Sportsbooks with reduced juice

 5Dimes (official website) - the best online sportsbook that will give you the option to cash in on a smaller vig is the 5Dimes betting site. Since (at least in theory) the sportsbooks are supposed to make most of their profit from the vig, it's dang nearly impossible to find a sports betting site that would be willing to forgo profits in order to offer lower juice. It's hard enough to find a reputable sportsbook, and when you tack in the requirement for a lower vig, you are left with just one choice - 5Dimes. On the bright side, however, 5Dimes is among the legit online sportsbooks, so if you are looking for a reduced juice sportsbook, this one is a great choice and recommended for both beginners and sharps.

 Decades ago (literally) when the sportsbook first began accepting online wagers, in order to be competitive, 5Dimes made their brand name on offering reduced juice odds and has done so ever since. Betting sites will use various tools in their arsenal in order to compete for your dollar, and while most will lean heavily on the bonus offers and promotions, 5Dimes has stayed true to their roots - betting odds with the lowest vig you will find. We mentioned bonuses because when you take to smaller juice you will have to forget about the large bonus offers you would usually get at other sportsbooks. Sure, there are a few promos this betting site will offer during the sports seasons, but in general, the best deal here will come from the reduced juice.

 So, is you are looking for a legit online sportsbook with low vig, this is your only option at this time. We are continuously keeping an eye on all the top sportsbooks and should another one decides to offer reduced juice odds, we will update this article accordingly, but truth be told, we would be extremely surprised if a competitor to 5Dimes decided to turn their back on the extra profit the vigorish gives them. Until such time comes, sadly, this is your own option for a small juice sportsbook.