Sportsbooks taking credit cards, which online sportsbooks accept credit cards

The question of accepting credit cards at the online sportsbooks has been raised over and over and we have done the research to show you which sportsbooks still take credit card deposits. You can see this list below, but first, let's look at this problem realistically. For many it appears that credit card deposits at the offshore sportsbooks is the most convenient way to fund your bettor's account, although we somewhat disagree.

 If anyone takes a look at the European internet bookmakers, the most preferred methods are always ewallets, rather than credit cards. Why is that? Credit card transactions, whether gambling related or not, always incur a high processing fee - the customer is charged a fee and the sportsbook is charged a fee. While some sportsbooks will absorb the customer fee, the majority find it too expensive and the bettor is saddled with that extra fee on their credit card deposit. In addition, even though credit cards are quite popular, a large segment of the population either don't have them or feel safer to use the ewallets as a middle man to the transaction. Not to mention that with real credit cards (not debit cards with logos of Visa and Master Card), the available cash limit is only a fraction of the total credit line.

 But let's talk about this further a bit later. We realize that people do search for offshore sportsbooks that take credit cards and in the spirit of the modern business - we give you what you asked for, the list of online sportsbooks still accepting credit card deposits:

 Bookmaker - according to the sportsbook, one can deposit using a Visa credit card through the purchase of a voucher. Fees on the voucher purchase side will be absorbed by the sportsbook, but any fees charged by the credit card company would not. Minimum deposit is $100 and the maximum daily is $850. This is a relatively new method for this online sportsbook, again only for Visa credit cards, and the rate of success is unknown at this time.

Bovada has a high success rate taking credit cards, both Visa and Master Card, however it appears that the availability of those methods is very fluid and while it may be there one day, the next may not. But according to online sources, when it's available - it works like a charm.

5Dimes - taking Visa credit card deposits with some requirements. Verification process must be met for withdrawals following a successful credit card deposit and players from Washington, Maryland, and Washington DC are not allowed to use this method. The first time limits are between $50 and $250, then one gets upgraded to a maximum of $500 daily deposit. Credit/debit card transactions at 5Dimes are free of charge, but the sportsbook does not cover any fees you may be charged on your side by the card issuer. According to the forums and betting blogs, the success rate is pretty high, something in the ballpark of 70% success.

The Intertops sportsbook claims to accept all credit cards, including Amex and Diners Club, although from what we've read this offshore sportsbook has the least successful credit card deposit attempts. We are unable to verify this, but thousands of players all over the internet couldn't be wrong, right? :)

 All UK sportsbooks we have recommended on our website take credit cards with 100% success rate, but as we mentioned earlier - the fees are quite staggering, sometimes reaching 5% on top of what you'd get charged by your bank. Some sportsbooks will run promotions for free credit card deposits or fee refunds, but those promos are far and few between. Just like every internet sportsbook, the UK bookies also prefer other payment methods to the high-fee credit cards. You can see the most popular sportsbook deposit methods here, which also includes the main alternatives to credit card deposits and withdrawals from the sportsbooks.