High Roller Sportsbook: High Limit Offshore Sportsbooks

According to the betting websites, the majority of the bettors are of the recreational type, wagering a few hundred a month, but there are those few who bet on sports either professionally or simply with large amounts. People who can afford to risk thousands of dollars or euros also like to place very large wagers, but not all sportsbooks are accommodation towards those high rollers. Whether it's because the sportsbook is rather small and can't afford to pay out the large sums the high roller bettors usually win or just because they are afraid of cheating, the majority of the offshore sportsbooks have a rather low limit their customers can place as a bet on a single slip. And then, there are those online sportsbooks, which more than welcome high roller bettors.

Rank Sportsbooks Bonus High Limits
#1 Bookmaker 100% match Very High
#2 GTBets $500 High
#3 Bovada $3,750 Somewhat High
#4 Intertops 200% High

 The undisputed leader among the high roller offshore sportsbooks is without a doubt Bookmaker (official website), where it is daily occurrence for many high roller bettors to wager thousands of dollars on a singe NFL game (or even a parlay). Ranked among the top offshore sportsbooks in general by many gambling watchdogs, including our own website, Bookmaker is THE place to visit if you are interested in signing up with a sportsbook that caters to high rollers and has very high limits on the sports bets. There is no better place to go to if you want to wager $5,000 on a single game or outcome of a sporting even.

 The limits at GTBets (official website) are also quite large, although not as high as you can find at Bookmaker. The benefit of GTBets is that this offshore sportsbook not only allows certain form of high rollers, but the odds are often quite good and the vig is rather small, all good news for the high roller bettors. It's a good alternative to Bookmaker and is just as reputable a sportsbook. The welcome bonus for high stakes bettors is not as big, but you will get plenty of reload bonuses, if this is your thing, so in the long run, GTBets is very competitive in this department.

 For the European punters, the choice is even smaller. At this moment only Pinnacle Sports is taking large bets in the European Union, although EU bettors are certainly welcome to wager with the other two bookmakers we mentioned.

  Target Audience

High Limit Sportsbooks: These sportsbooks cater to a select group of bettors who prefer to wager large sums of money on sports events. Often referred to as "whales," these high rollers are typically experienced, affluent individuals who are willing to take on significant risks for potentially massive rewards.
Traditional Sportsbooks: On the other hand, traditional sportsbooks target a more general audience, including casual bettors and those who are new to sports betting. These platforms aim to cater to a wide range of customers, regardless of their betting experience or financial capacity.

Betting Limits

High Roller Sportsbooks: One of the most significant differences between high roller and traditional sportsbooks is the betting limits. High roller sportsbooks are known for their exceptionally high minimum and maximum betting limits, allowing affluent bettors to place large wagers on single bets or accumulators.
Traditional Sportsbooks: These platforms tend to have lower betting limits, making them accessible to a more extensive customer base. The lower limits are ideal for casual bettors and those with smaller budgets who still wish to enjoy the excitement of sports betting.

Customer Service and Support

High Roller Sportsbooks: Given their exclusive clientele, high roller sportsbooks often provide personalized, high-quality customer service. High rollers can expect dedicated account managers, faster response times, and tailor-made solutions to meet their unique betting needs.
Traditional Sportsbooks: Although traditional sportsbooks also prioritize customer service, they typically cater to a larger, more diverse clientele. As a result, the level of personalized service may not be as high compared to their high roller counterparts.

  So what makes a sportsbook good for high rollers? First and foremost, the offshore sportsbook must have a long history of paying out large winnings, but not just that, also, they must pay within reasonable timeframe. What good is a sportsbook that will allow players to deposit and win large amount of money, offer high limit bets, but take forever to pay out a big win or not pay at all? This is one of the reasons the list of high roller sportsbooks is so small.

 High roller sportsbooks must also allow their customers to place large amounts on their wagers. The main requisite to call an offshore sportsbook high roller friendly is to offer the opportunity to bet large amounts on a single bet. Just like the high rollers at the casinos get their table limits extended upwards, the same should apply to the sportsbooks. Therefore the list of high roller online sportsbooks is rather small, but encompasses only the solid establishments.