Best sportsbooks for football: Top sportsbook for NFL

Every year with the arrival of the football season, people are searching for the best sportsbooks for football betting. We have created this quick guide to help you navigate the pitfalls of betting online, because when traffic increases in search of top sportsbooks for NFL bets, so do the scammers and the hundreds of rogue books, who are just trying to cash in on the popularity of the game it holds with bettors world-wide. To be brutally honest, if you simply try and search for the best sportsbooks for football on the internet alone - there is more than 50-50 chance you'd end up at a sportsbook you would regret ever joining. If you want to know which are the most reliable and popular NFL online sportsbooks, we have the top 3 listed below.

#1 Bookmaker - this famous sportsbook is not only the best for NFL betting, but it also sits atop our most recommended list, and it does so for a reason. With nearly two decades of history with bettors, Bookmaker has been one of the very few (count on one hand) sportsbooks paying out bettors football season after football season. Accepting very large bets, never limiting winning customers and always paying are some of the main positives about this betting site. It offers great odds on the NFL games, plenty of side bets on every football matchup, posts the odds early in the week, giving you ample tie to set up your wagers long before the games begin and the live football betting panel is much improved compared with the initial offering. Enjoy reload bonuses with very low rollover, place large NFL bets, get your money in a timely manner, what more can you ask from an NFL sportsbook?

#2 5Dimes - this Costa Rican sportsbook is loved by millions of bettors from all over the globe (although no UK players accepted). Bettors often shop between 5Dimes and Bookmaker to find the best odds on the NFL games and often this sportsbook will edge out Bookmaker, a true testament for their low vig odds, which is one of the reasons this betting website is chosen by millions of players every week. It probably offers the most variety when it comes to football betting, it's been paying their customers like a clock-work week after week, although the limits on NFL bets are not as high as Bookmaker and we have always found it odd that not much is done on the bonus side of the book - hardly ever will you find a good bonus (and if you do - take advantage asap). But it's a very solid sportsbook for football and we highly recommend it.

#3 GTBets - speaking of bonuses, GTBets (Game Time Bets) has been making a name for itself on that side of the spectrum. If getting big bonus offers is important to you - GTBets is a great choice and their football offers are the best. Of course, large bonuses will come with large rollovers, which while not gigantic, would be a bit bigger than, say, Bookmaker's requirements. But if you are in for the NFL season, it should be no issue whatsoever to roll the money over in a timely fashion for a withdrawal. The football odds are not the best, but not the worst either, somewhere in the middle, which is acceptable, considering the perks. Payouts have had no issues and like all the sportsbooks listed here, it takes bitcoins as both depositing and payout method. A good choice if you are in need of solid and reputable alternative, but be aware that sharps are not welcomed.

The above 3 sportsbooks are what we consider the best for football betting. We have based our ranking on many factors, the main being the number of betting options for each football game and the reputation of the sportsbook. None of them are the fly-by-night variety, in fact with the exception of GTBets, which became really popular after taking over for the now defunct VIP Sports, a sweet move btw and much appreciated by the VIP Sports customers, who were not left holding the bag as others, much unfortunate players did with sportsbooks like Canbet and BetIsland, have been in the industry for almost 20 years. Not limiting winning bettors and large bets on NFL was one of the top reasons we ranked Bookmaker over the rest, but 5Dimes will also take big NFL action, even GTBets would, granted you don't try to steam bet or arb. Overall you'd be hard pressed to find any better sportsbook for your football season betting.