Sportsbooks with free payouts, withdrawals from online sportsbooks

Once you have won some money at the online sportsbooks the next step, naturally, would be to withdraw the winnings. This is where a lot of people, even those who have a lot of experience with offshore betting, start puling their hair when they see the payout fees the betting sites charge these days. While for the big winners the amount costing to process a payout may be easily overlooked, people who bet online a lot would certainly like the fact that there are indeed still sportsbooks with free payouts at this time. There are some requirements, of course, but pretty much everyone can take advantage of the free payout offers at these sportsbooks.

 5Dimes for example offers one free withdrawal every 30 days, which could equal to savings of nearly $100, depending on the method and amount being withdrawn. In addition, this online sportsbook is more than happy to let players join their Free Payout Reward Program and get one more withdrawal without having to pay the large fees the sportsbooks often charge the customers. Using the free payout program gives bettors the opportunity to have one free payout every month, no matter if you have cashed out or not during the last month. Thus basically one can have two free payouts every month with this betting site, perfect for the seasonal bettor. To take advantage of the free payout reward, one must open an account with the sportsbook and contact the customer service to hammer out the details. We must also mention that 5 Dimes also does sportsbook-to-sportsbook transactions for free, another option to get your money without being charged fees or by paying smaller withdrawal fees at another sportsbook.

 Bookmaker is another offshore sportsbook which offers free payouts, but unlike 5Dimes, here you can get more than one withdrawal for free. Generally, Bookmaker charges customers a fee for every payout they request, but there is a way you can get your checks, money orders, etc for free. Bookmaker has the most comprehensive rewards program among the online sportsbooks, giving you many options to choose from to spend your points, and one way you can use those reward points is to request a free payout. Customers automatically join the rewards program here as soon as they open an account and since the program has three levels, the higher the level you obtain the less points needed to request a free payout. Depending on the withdrawal method you chose, it could cost as little as 3,000 points to request a free p22 withdrawal and as high as 10,000 points for a free payout via bank draft (check).

 At this time the free payout options at the sportsbooks above are the only ones available, but as we always do - we will continue to monitor the betting websites and amend this list if new ones surface.