Fast withdrawal sportsbooks, which process withdrawal fastest

Now that you have won your bets at the sportsbook, the next step would be to take some of the winnings home, i.e. request a withdrawal of your money. This is generally done by visiting the cashier section of the sportsbook and clicking on "withdrawal" button, upon which you will be introduced to the options available to process your withdrawal. Unfortunately, getting a fast withdrawal these days is equal to finding a fast deposit sportsbook, just as hard and the options are just as limited. It is not uncommon for bettors to wait as long as a month before they get their money and while the experienced online sportsbook patron is well-accustomed to this and are prepared to wait when they request a withdrawal, new bettors are always eager to get the money in their hands and become quite frustrated with the processing of withdrawals with some sportsbooks. Then they search for the fastest paying sportsbook.

 In general, there are two offshore sportsbooks which are well-known to be the fastest to process their withdrawals. Keep in mind that even with them sometimes may be necessary to wait, but this would occur very rarely. Here are the fastest withdrawal sportsbooks: Bookmaker and 5 Dimes. They both process player's withdrawals fast and have quite a few options to choose from. Generally the fastest method of receiving a payment from and of the two sportsbooks would be via Western Union money transfer, which makes it the fastest since the money would be available on the same day it's sent. The down side of this processing method is that the limits are quite low - at the time of writing they both limit those withdrawals to just $1,500 and one can request it only once a week. This is perfect for bettors who play a little or bet on safe short odds. However, both those online sportsbooks are also popular among the high limit bettors and a high roller would wager more than that withdrawal max amount on a single bet alone.

 For those folks who have much more than $1.5K to withdraw, the sportsbooks offer bank wire as a payment option. This method is by far the fastest withdrawal option for those looking for payouts of large amounts. It takes much less time for the money to arrive to your bank account, often 3 to 5 days being the longest it would take for your withdrawal to arrive. When choosing this method, Bookmaker is the one with the larger limit at $50,000, while 5 Dimes only allows $9,000. Either way, they are both available and for large amounts to boost.

 Of course, there is always the infamous check available as a withdrawal option, but we have to say this is the slowest way one could get paid by the sportsbook. Not only it takes a long time for the check to travel in the mail itself, but checks also sometimes carry the possibility of bouncing, not a pleasant experience for people who are in the habit to make plans before the check clears. On the bright side, checks (also referred to as cheque or bank draft, depending on the country you are in) carry the smallest processing fee of all withdrawal methods. So if you are not in real hurry, checks are a viable option, but certainly far away from being fast.

 And a final word about the withdrawals at the online sportsbooks - don't forget the processing period of the withdrawals, as well as the first time withdrawal requirements. Every sportsbook has a 24-hour minimum withdrawal processing, which means that at the very least your money will not be sent until the next day. The sportsbooks call this "processing time" and it usually involves security checks, verifying the payout is with a legit account, dealing with accounting department personnel, etc. There is no such thing as a same day withdrawal, so don't waste your time looking for it.

 And this processing period is even longer for people who are requesting withdrawal for the first time. Just like the fact that there are bad sportsbooks, there are bad players. There is a lot of scamming the sportsbook going around and those requesting a payout for the first time must deal with some paperwork - copies of documents must be sent to the sportsbook, they on the other side have to be inspected and verified and only after the sportsbook has made sure you are who you say you are, your withdrawal will be processed, which as we mentioned above, would take at least an additional 24 hours. So don't forget about these stipulations when looking for the fastest paying sportsbook online.