5Dimes Review: Full review of the online sportsbook "5Dimes"

Review of 5Dimes 5Dimes ($520 free bonus) is well-known among the experienced bettors, but it's also very newbie friendly offshore sportsbook, as well.

Established in 1996, this online sportsbook is based in Costa Rica, as most of the offshore sportsbooks are, and through great service and special perks, as well as honesty and reliability, has managed to not only remain in operation for nearly two decades, a feat amazing by itself among the internet businesses, but today 5Dimes is among the most recognized and recommended names in the sports betting world.

 Main features of 5Dimes:

Best odds, low juice odds - 5Dimes indisputably offers the best odds on most popular sports, especially football. This comes from the fact that the main feature of 5Dimes is that it's a low juice sportsbook. Experienced bettors know well what this means and can skip ahead, but for those who don't know - learn what does juice means in sports betting. Naturally a low juice means better odds for the bettors.

Plenty of depositing options- We have mentioned before that depositing methods are currently ranking atop of the bettors' most desired features list. The 5Dimes sportsbook has plenty of them, including credit card depositing.

Low minimum bets - Even though this sportsbook has plenty of action for the high rollers (one of only two sportsbooks on our list, the other one being Bookmaker), people who want to place small bets, whether for fun or due to financial reasons, can also find what they need here. The minimum for straight bets is only 50 cents and the minimum deposit is only $50.

 With all bases covered, 5Dimes is a great online sportsbook, regardless the type of bettor one is. Customer service is standing by all the time via phone, email and even live chat, the bonuses and rewards options are plenty and odds are offered on anything that is going on in the sporting world. Learn more or open an account by visiting:

5Dimes Official Website