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2017 NFL Preseason welcomed by the sportsbooks  - Without sugar-coating, summertime is the worst for both bettors and sportsbooks alike.

NBA Finals: Game 3 has the sportsbooks jittery - The Golden State Warriors are on fire in the 2017 NBA Finals and the sportsbooks may not be too happy about it.

2017 Super Bowl: Odds at the sportsbooks heavy on the Patriots - It's about that time - the 2017 Super Bowl game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots is around the corner and it's time to look at the betting odds and point spread on the game.

Sportsbooks post NBA odds at the start of the season - The start of the NBA season is upon us and the online sportsbooks wasted no time posting the odds on which basketball franchise will win this time around.

Sportsbook bonus offers remain attractive after NFL start - With NFL Week 4 underway this is usually the time when the online sportsbooks taper off the promotions and welcome bonuses.

Sportsbook offers unlimited Bitcoin bonus for NFL season - Great news for the football bettors looking to cash in on some nice Bitcoin bonuses this NFL season.

Sportsbooks post NFL 2016/17 Preseason betting odds - From the most anticipated event by any serious NFL fan, the 2016 Preseason is here and the online sportsbooks have wasted no time posting the betting lines and point spread on the upcoming games.

Copa America 2016 Final betting odds - Just a few days away from the long-awaited Copa America 2016 Final game, this year matching Argentina vs Chile and the betting odds and lines on the game are already out and wagering is in full swing.

Bookmaker sportsbook payouts now instant - Bookmaker has long been our most recommended online sportsbook and the recent move to instant payouts processing has only cemented their place atop our best sportsbooks list.

Bovada Sportsbook launches new website, betting bonuses - One of the most popular US sportsbooks, Bovada Sports, is starting the new 2015/2016 sports season with a new look and increasing some of the bonuses for new customers.

2014 US Open Tennis Odds: Latest US Open odds by the Sportsbooks - Just a few days left until the start of the 2014 US Open Tennis Tournament and it's time for us to look at the latest betting odds on the Gran Slam tourney.

2014/15 NFL Odds: Early odds on the NFL winner this season - Plenty of time left until the start of the 2014-2015 NFL season, but the sportsbooks have been busy assessing and publishing their odds on which team will become the next NFL Champion.

2014 World Cup Promo: World Cup Betting Challenge - If you are prepping for the start of one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world, the 2014 World Cup, then you may want to check out the Bookmaker's World Cup betting challenge contest going on right now.

Best sportsbooks for World Cup betting online - Preview of the World Cup betting options and list of the best online sportsbooks for World Cup bets.

Pinnacle Sportsbook raises rollover on no-fee withdrawals - Of interest to our international readers is the news that Pinnacle Sportsbook has raised the rollover requirements of their no-fee withdrawals.

2014 Super Bowl odds by the top sportsbooks - The 13/14 NFL betting season will close in a few days with the 2014 Super Bowl game, here you can see the Super Bowl odds by sportsbook.

Sportsbook bonus offers for September NFL action - With the NFL season underway the online sportsbooks are taking notice and raising their September bonus offers to match the competition.

Legends Sportsbook money transferred, WSEX customers not so lucky - The balances of former Lengends Sportsbook (Legendz) customers have been assumed by another sportsbook, WSEX bookmaker's players not so lucky.

March Madness Sportsbook: The best sportsbooks for March Madness brackets - We review and publish the best online sportsbooks for March Madness betting, brackets, promos and contests.

Bovada Sportsbook announces Holiday bonus offers - The popular online sportsbook Bovada is among the first to publish their list of large Christmas bonuses, giving customers of the sports betting website a head start this Holiday season.

Most reputable online sportsbook - See which online sportsbook made it to the top to be called the most reputable sportsbook on the internet for 2012.

Pinnacle sportsbook owners arrested, confusion remains

Bovada Sportsbook closes in a number of US states

The best sportsbooks do equal the best odds

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