Mobile Sportsbooks: Mobile sports betting sites

In this day and age, more and more people rely on their mobile technology - cell phone, tablets, etc. and the online sportsbooks keeping up with the times will ultimately excel. People these days like to be in the midst of the action and still be bale to take advantage of such sports betting features like live betting, one-off promo codes, etc. For those bettors, mobile sportsbooks are invaluable resource in the arsenal for making some money wagering on sports.

 Mobile sports betting has been the trend for quite a few years in the UK and most of Europe, where the sporting events are aplenty and for example most football bettors over there could actually be found at the game. Having a full functioning mobile sportsbook in your pocket gives the bettor chances to collect previously unheard of. A great example is a late injury list while some people swear that they could determine the outcome of a game by simply seeing the faces of the players. All this is, of course, neither here nor there, but no one can question the usefulness of the mobile sportsbooks.

 Unfortunately for the fans of the offshore sportsbooks, the number of mobile betting sites is rather small, real slim pickin`s. On the bright side - those sportsbooks with great mobile betting websites are indeed among the most recommended and you likely already have an account with them. Here is the short list of mobile sportsbooks:

Bookmaker (see mobile version) has one of the best mobile sportsbooks we have seen. It's very streamlined and simple, what you would expect to get when you want to bet on your mobile device, you don't want images and ads cluttering your precious screen real estate. Simply log in and start betting right from your ordinary Bookmaker account. As expected, you can find all sports bets available at the desktop version of the bookie at their mobile sportsbook, as well.

 Another good mobile betting site is the one powered by Bovada Sports. This company was among the first online sportsbooks to focus on the mobile market and while many people questioned the decision back then, I bet they are singing a different song right now. The mobile website is very intuitive, placing bets is easy and Bovada even offers a mobile version of their casino, for those interested in playing some slots to make time pass faster.

 We are indeed a bit disappointed that there are no more good sportsbooks offering a nice mobile option to their customers. Of course, one can always access their website via a custom phone or tablet browser, but these betting websites were not designed to be accessed by mobile devices and sometimes form such as the log in may not work at all, even if your browser settings are set at "desktop" rather than the default "mobile". Not to mention that it's just uncomfortable to work with the regular sportsbook websites on a small screen.

 But we are big fans of technology and will continue to keep our eye on the mobile sports betting offerings and update this list if new ones finally decide to keep up with times and spend the little money needed to develop a nice and functional mobile sportsbook site. Until that time, you have the best choices listed above.