Online sportsbooks taking VISA, deposit at sportsbook using Visa card

Credit cards have long been the preferred method of payment for millions of people all over the world and VISA has been established as the leader in this financial industry. This leads to many people searching of online sportsbooks taking VISA payments as a way of depositing money in their player's accounts. As we have discussed this issue in the past, deposits with credit cards are the hardest to achieve, despite being the fastest and easiest for the customer. Many issues prevent a sportsbook of accepting VISA, for example. Chief among them are the high occurrence of fraud when credit cards are used to fund a sportsbook account, high fees the processors charge the sportsbooks, legal issues that may prevent VISA being used by a payment processor, etc.

 Today we will take a look at some of the top sportsbooks which claim they accept VISA deposits on their cashier section of the sportsbook website. As we mentioned on our MasterCard sportsbook list, we have no way of knowing the actual success rates of the attempted VISA card deposits, since the sportsbooks are mum about this. The best we can go by is by reports on the many forums and blogs, where people share their success rate when depositing at the sportsbooks using VISA credit cards.

 It appears that even though Visa was among the first card companies to actively being blocking transactions to and from gambling related companies, acceptance of VISA deposits at the online sportsbooks is on the rise. Clear leader among the sportsbooks taking Visa appears to be the Bovada Sportsbook, one of the best sportsbooks on the net. According to their website, Bovada (formerly known as Bodog) takes only VISA, from all the popular credit cards, and the first deposit is free of charge. After that, recurring VISA deposits will incur a 4.9% charge. This book notes that daily deposits are limited at $2,000 with monthly topping at just $5,000, but still well over the rest of the sportsbooks. Minimum deposit per transaction is set at $20. According to many bettors, Bovada has the highest rate of success when using Visa to deposit. As it is common with all online sportsbooks, a credit card verification form must be submitted to the sportsbook before the customer can withdraw.

 Other sportsbooks taking Visa deposits don't have that high of an acceptance rate, although people are reporting deposits going through. Among them is the 5Dimes sportsbook, which claims that it has a processor dedicated to VISA deposits and many say that it works pretty good. Again, we have no way of verifying this and can only go by what the sportsbook and customers say on the popular sports forums. Intertops also takes Visa, although people say that they have the worst acceptance rate in the industry when it comes to using this brand of plastic.