Sportsbooks taking MasterCard, online sportsbook MasterCard deposit

MasterCard is one of the most popular credit cards among consumers world-wide (Maestro is used in Europe as the debit card version) and no surprise that online bettors are looking for sportsbooks taking MasterCard to deposit and fund their accounts. Compared to the more traditional methods of depositing money in an online sportsbook, using a MasterCard is fast and easy, but almost no reputable sportsbooks support this credit card company as an option for adding money in your betting account.

 There are many reasons for this. According to research conducted over the years, credit cards still have the highest instance of fraud, something the online sportsbooks are desperately trying to avoid.  On the flip side, MasterCard is forcing payment processing companies to use a special code for gambling-related transactions and in turn are declining transactions coded this way. The reasoning is similar - high fraud related to MasterCard transactions to and from online sportsbooks. Rule of thumb is that in general it's easier to deposit using a debit card MasterCard, rather than a credit card. Probably because the bank issuing the card has much more to lose when credit card is being used, compared to a debit card. But with more and more MasterCard debit card issuers are offering $0 liability in case of fraud, this line will thin even more. Legal issues are also a problem for both the sportsbooks and MasterCard, it's very hard to keep up with the legalities of so many localities.

 So which sportsbooks accept MasterCard? Unfortunately, not many. At this time there are no reputable sportsbooks that officially take Mastercard deposits, although there are a couple of ways one can deposit money, according to what's posted at the sportsbook websites. Bookmaker (opens new window) takes MasterCard deposits over the phone, for example, although the success rate is unknown. Many speculate that it's on rather high side, compared with the rest of the sportsbooks, but we have no way of confirming this.

 Another good sportsbook, Intertops, claims outright that they take MasterCard deposits, although new customers will be limited initially to just $250 equivalent of deposit and must complete the credit card authorization form before a payout of the winnings can be initiated. As we already noted, we have no way of verifying the success rate of acceptance of MasterCard deposits at those sportsbooks, since the betting sites don't disclose this information. Rumor has it, however, that Intertops has a very low success rate, when depositing via MasterCard, although it appears to be higher as compared to Visa cards.

 As you can see, the picking's are rather slim when it comes to sportsbooks taking MasterCard payments. We will continue to monitor the betting industry and if any sportsbook announces they will begin taking MasterCard to deposit money in betting accounts, we will amend the list appropriately.