Best USA online sportsbooks: List of U.S. sportsbooks

It's no secret that today it's quite hard to find good online sportsbooks catering to the USA bettors, reasons for this aplenty. Many experienced bettors will recall that just a few years ago there were literally hundreds of sportsbooks all available to U.S. gamblers, but that number has dwindled alarmingly. Yes, there are still many online sportsbooks that welcome USA customers, but the large majority of them should be avoided at all costs. Believe it or not, there are forums dedicated to simply listing bad sportsbooks, as opposed to good ones.

 Therefore we have taken a totally opposite approach - creating a list of the best USA sportsbooks, instead of noting which are the bad ones. This alone saves a lot of time and effort, since it's easier to list the best than the bad ones. With this in mind, the aim is simple - play at the best USA sportsbooks and you should not need to worry about ending up at a bad sportsbook.

 But how did we create the list of the best U.S. online sportsbooks? And what makes the USA sportsbooks different than just the betting websites in general? It's simple - we consider the factors and features which are the most important for a bettor from the U.S. and match this with our list of the best sportsbooks here. Among those features: the ease of deposit and withdrawals of the player's funds. There is nothing more frustrating than jumping through hoops just to be able to place your wagers at a sportsbook which claims to welcome USA players, but does nothing to ease their deposits and withdrawals.  If the list below is not enough, you can always find another sportsbook accepting USA players at this portal, also related to sports betting. In this scenario, the best USA online sportsbook is:

Bookmaker (up to $500 in free bets for new customers, many rewards an ongoing bonuses), according to the latest information, Bookmaker is atop of the list of easiest deposits and fastest withdrawals of the bettors funds. There are many options to fund your account and the withdrawal checks arrive lightning fast for a US friendly sportsbook.

 Another feature many USA customers of the sportsbooks are looking for is the variety of betting options. While every betting website will post odds on the NFL games or the NBA match-ups, for example, others will go beyond the "usual" sports and give their USA customers more variety and betting options. The most famous and the best US sportsbook in this category is without a doubt:

 Bovada Sports (up to $250 in free money for new customers, bonuses for every deposit), this sportsbook is what we would call the kind of prop bets. Here one can wager on thousands of different proposition bets, many sports which cannot be found at other sportsbooks and even entertainment betting. Well-known in the USA and often quoted by the media, the entertainment odds at this sportsbook range from funny to ridiculous, but one thing is certain - you will not be bored in-between seasons.

 Keep in mind that this list is of sportsbooks that we consider to be the best for US bettors. We have a few other sportsbooks which you can see on our home page, just as good in general, and will always take good care of their customers, no matter from which country they originate.