Best Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

The popularity of the online sportsbooks has exploded in the past few years, thanks to the easy access to sports odds, a great selection of good online sportsbooks and amazing customer service. If you are interested in online betting, make sure you gamble only at the best sportsbooks.

Free Bets

Yet another reason why the internet sportsbooks are so popular. Every good online sportsbook will offer their new customers free money to place bets, something you won't find at the Vegas sportsbooks or any other bookmaking operation, such as your local casino sportsbook. Make sure you take advantage of the free betting money, see the links above to visit our list of best sportsbooks bonuses.

UK-only sportsbooks

Bet 365 - the best sportsbook for UK and European punters. Offering 100% match on the bettors' first deposit with the bookmaker, this company is fully licensed and regulated.

The leading UK sportsbook has had online presence for many years and is often the preferred choice for UK punters. Bet on every sporting event in the world at a sportsbook with  solid online and offline reputation.

Sportsbook Ranking Factors

These are the main factors we consider when ranking the best sportsbooks. All conditions must be met before the sports betting website is even considered for inclusion on our list. As you can see from the number of online sportsbooks we have posted, those are some stringent ranking factors.

Age - in the internet betting industry longevity is one of the most important indicators of quality. Bettors have quite close-knit community and any sportsbook gone rogue is quickly ousted to protect all bettors.

Banking methods - a sportsbook where people have hard time depositing and withdrawing funds is useless.

Free Bonuses - not the most important factors, but a main feature of the best sportsbooks. A good bonus is always preferred.

Odds - the betting odds must be among the best and the juice should be sufficiently low.

Sports - needless to say, a top sportsbook should not only represent all the major sports: football, baseball, tennis, basketball, etc., but offer in-depth betting markets on all of the games.

Customer service - some people don't realize the importance of good customer service, that is until they need it and find it hard to get any response. All of the best sportsbooks here have impeccable customer service representatives who actually know what they are talking about.

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