Bovada Review: Full review of the online sportsbook "Bovada"

Review of Bovada Bovada ($250 free bonus) was formerly known as Bodog Sports, but their desire to enter the UK betting market led to the change in the name to Bovada online sportsbook a few years ago.

Is Bovada a good sportsbook? - Yes, Bovada is indeed a very safe and legit sports betting website.

Bovada Review Quick Facts:

Official Website: Link
Bonus: 50% on your deposit
Sports Available: Excellent
Odds: Very good
Depositing: Bitcoin, crypto, credit cards
Payouts: Bitcoin (very fast), check
Do we recommend? Highly

Recently celebrating their 20th year in business, Bovada is among the most recognized offshore gambling websites. Started by the eccentric billionaire Calvin Aire as "Bodog", this sportsbook has enjoyed plenty of free press over the years, but bettors can rest assure, they are wagering at a top establishment. Today Bovada is no longer part of Aire's portfolio of gambling websites, but this change has not affected the quality of this famous sportsbook. Read our review further to learn about some of the main features of Bovada, along with some things one should watch out for when betting here.

 Main features of Bovada:

Depositing and withdrawal options and speed - While Bovada doesn't often offers the best betting odds on the sporting events, this offshore sportsbook is most famous for the fact that it offers the best deposit methods and the fastest withdrawals. There is no sportsbook easier to deposit money to fund your bettor's account than Bovada. Withdrawals are also amazingly fast, although customers could expect some wait periods during major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl or Kentucky Derby; absolutely understandable, considering that literally millions of people are wagering, winning and withdrawing their winnings.

 There should be no need to "aware" people on Bitcoin and it's prolific effect on the gambling industry overall - today if a sportsbook is not working with the cryptocurrency, you may as well not even bother visiting that betting site. Bovada was one of the first to recognize this trend and to make sure that not only Bitcoin, but over 30 other crypto-currencies are park of the banking methods. So much so, that customers are now offered additional bonuses simply for using Bitcoin as a method of depositing funds into their player accounts. Those bonuses vary depending on when you are reading this Bovada review, but you can be certain that there is a sizable one at anytime. The crypto deposits are available nearly instantly and withdrawals take as little as an hour to reach your preferred wallet.

 Of course, Bitcoin is not the only way you can deposit and withdraw from this popular online sportsbook. Credit card payments are still an option - the three major brands, which, naturally, cannot be sued for payouts, but checks and bank wires can. However, if you want the fastest payout available, Bitcoin remains the king at Bovada Sports.

Tons of things to bet on- while every decent sportsbook will offer odds on things such as football games, basketball matches, etc., Bovada is taking this further by offering a lot of proposition bets (prop bets) on those sports, including some of the most popular entertainment bets, often quoted in the media. Of course, every sport that would be of an interest to a bettor from USA is fully represented - odds, money line, point spread, over/under, just about any option you can imagine. Not only the major sports like football and hoops, but golf, MMA, boxing, soccer - even sometimes snooker, handball and table tennis. Bottom line here is that you will always find something interesting to bet on at Bovada. The odds are good overall, but sometimes you can find better if you shop around.

 What to watch out for:

 Not very friendly to sharp bettors and extremely unfriendly to arb bettors. If you happen to fall into any of those categories, you are better off just staying away from Bovada. If you don't know what those things are - you are golden at this betting site, nothing to worry about.

As it is the case with nearly every online sportsbook, don't try to arb here or exhibit any weird betting patterns. Bovada has become very good at sniffing out sharps and arbers, and while in most cases you won't be straight kicked out, your limits would be lowered to such degree that it wouldn't make sense to continue betting there.

 In a nutshell, while this sportsbook often don't offer the very best odds you can find on the internet, it gives bettors the ability to bet on literally thousands of options and it's very easy to deposit and withdraw. Check this sportsbook out at:

Bovada Official Website