Is Bovada legit? - Reviews and opinions on Bovada Sports website

One question one might often encounter on the web these days from bettors is, if Bovada Sports is a legit online sportsbook. People who have been involved in the sports betting industry for years, whether as observers or customers of the sportsbooks, of course, already know that this is one of the most popular and one of the oldest websites, when it comes to online betting. But somewhat understandably, there are plenty of people, who don't know the history of Bovada, and rightfully ask - is Bovada a legit sportsbook?

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 Right off the bat, the answer is yes, Bovada is legit. We believe that the question is asked mostly based on the name of the sportsbook - "Bovada", a name that left a lot of people scratching their heads, ours included. See, the history of the sportsbook can be traced back to when the site was called "Bodog", an extremely popular and heavily-promoted entertainment brand, which included not only a sportsbook, but also an online casino and a very popular poker room. Now, at this point some of you may be thinking: "Oh, yeah, I remember Bodog, what happened to them?"". Well, the short and sweet of it is that Bodog is still in existence, but the brand moved completely towards European audience, while Bovada was spun out as the website for the rest of the world, the Americas included. Why was the name Bovada chosen - it remains a mystery to this day. Online you can find plenty of speculations - from the translation of the word "vada" from many languages, carrying the prefix "Bo" from Bodog, to the homonym of Nevada - Bovada, there seems to be no end to the theories, alas none of them have ever been confirmed.

 The brand switch happened years ago, which in "internet years" translates to decades. Thus, it is no surprise that, when people today are looking for a good sportsbook and come across the Bovada brand, ask if Bovada is a legit sportsbook or just something made up on the fly.

 Another reason to ask if Bovada is indeed legit stems from one of the cruses of the internet - bad reviews. If you run a business online - you are bound to fall victim to this peril and Bovada (and any other sportsbook, for that matter), is no different. If you look, you are guaranteed to find bad reviews for virtually any online business - Google, Amazon, Apple, you name it - someone has complained about it and written a bad review for their products. So the case may be that you have seen recommendations for the Bovada sportsbook, yet you have also seen bad reviews of the company.

 Well, let us put your mind at ease - Bovada is as legit as they come. That doesn't mean that all customers are happy - people lose money betting, misunderstand the terms and conditions of bonus offers or, simply, sometimes a sportsbook makes mistakes. Instead of working with the company to remedy the situation, some people are quick to point fingers and considering how easy it is to voice your opinion on the internet, and scarier yet, how easy it is to consider your opinion as a fact, you will run into people complaining about Bovada. Some may have truth to them, for example, before the days of the Bitcoin sportsbooks, it used to take a bit longer to get a payout the days after big sporting events, like the Super bowl, considering that not only millions of bettors world-wide would jump in on the ticket at that time, but also that Bovada, to this day remains one of the most popular online casinos, not only sports betting website. That alone more than doubled their customer base, compared with the more purely sportsbook-oriented website, which led to payout times taking more than usual. But with Bitcoin today, complaints like that are largely in the past. In a nutshell, Bovada is legit and remains one of the best choices among the sportsbooks, despite the funny name.